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Nature Bamboo Charcoal Floss
Nature Bamboo Charcoal Floss

Nature Bamboo Charcoal Floss

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Floss, and be eco-friendly!

This 30 metres natural dental floss is made with Charcoal Fibres, Candelilla Wax and Peppermint Oil. It comes with a reusable glass flint and metal dispenser. Save the dispenser and used again and again with our Floss Refills.


Biodegradable, renewable glass tube

Charcoal infused Bamboo Yarn

Feel's like normal floss

Color:  Natural black from the infused charcoal

Biodegradable after 60 days

 SmilesCoco Refund


Gently pull out about 20 centimetres of floss and roll the floss around your thumb to control the strength and position. Floss slowly between each tooth, reaching close to the gum line.